Marco de Paula was born one April 22, 1977 in Seville (Spain).

At age 17, her student life changed radically when it was discovered by a talent scout who introduced him to the world of fashion through a major Spanish agency.
When he turned 18, he moved to Madrid to pursue a dream that seemed so many crazy, and continued to make numerous advertising campaigns both nationally and internationally to brands like Ford, Cruise, Generación Web, Toque, Cruzcampo, Coronita, El Corte Inglés, etc.

Their concerns in the world of acting and began to emerge 19 years, began his studies at drama school Ofelia Angelica, where she made her first job in interpreting the sitcom "Baby, as I hate you."
In 1999, he enrolled at the prestigious acting school JC Corazza, only 3 months after the start, got his first starring role in the national series "Nothing is forever." From there, his dream career was made.

Today, Marco de Paula has just finished filming Brave paper considers a major step in its interpretation by the difficulty of the character (a boy abused as a child). This character is another of the many who has given a face and accent her nearly 33 years, has participated in prime time series such as Central Hospital, Floor 25, Arrayán, 20tantos, etc.
Passionate about life, challenges, dreamy indestructible, familiar and strange born, his motto "everything you can live and let live the best you know", because for him, time is himself, experiences and more experiences.